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Will you watch or not Bigg Boss 14 2020?

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One of the most Indian TV reality shows, Bigg Boss’s fans are going to wait for it for a long part of life even more than a year….. But still it is not finalized that when the Bigg Boss 14 will be live. However there are many roaming news on a lot of social media plate forms that the Bigg Boss 14 Show will be made on live in 27 September 2020. When September is passed it is said that the show will be made on air in October.

We don’t know about it, because there is no any authentic news about it. When someone visit on social media then there is I will prefer to say that it is KHICHRI everywhere. No one have any authentic news about it. Ok far a sometime make it consider that the show will be made on air in 4th October but there are some other roaming talks about it, That the show contestants list is locked. But when someone including me visit some social media plate form then it is difficult to make decision that who is right and who is wrong.

I have also visit those websites where it was found that the housemates list is finalized and all the contestants are locked up even no one have its authentic zerox copy where someone can believe……. Ok! Forget about it, When someone visit social media platform then one says this then the other says that even i can think that there is no reality about it.

Only they are going to do this for their publication popularity level increment.

May be on 20 September 2020 a promo of the show was released which was most popular b/w the fans of the show. It is clear from the promo that Salman khan will host the Bigg Boss 14 show Live Streaming once again. But some of audience or its fans will make on strike due to rude behavior and bad relations with Sushaant Singh. Who made a suicide on may be house related depressions or outside the house.

It can be surveyed from the social media and other forums that this time the Bigg Boss will get it impressions like the history background. From the social atmospheric conditions that the Bigg Boss 14 Sow will not reach its peak points due to a bad person whose relations with the fans and other people are not good. We are not able to provide you good and authentic news about Bigg Boss 14 live streaming because like the lair media we will not attempt that.

It is also on air that the entire contestants are finalized without any kind of document submission. But maybe it will a top secret to hide the names of all the contestants to make a buzz b/w all the fans of the Reality Bigg Boss 14 Show Live Streaming.

One thing i want to clear that when a person lies on social media then he uses these kind of wording in his narration, that it is a latest news from the multi resources that Bigg Boss 14 Show will be live on air in September, October, November etc…..

There are some people who will i can think that they will on strike because SSR case and issue of Nepotism. While rest of the Bigg Boss Show fans are excited to know about the show.

Bigg Boss 14 Contestants Names List

  • Jasmine Bhasine

JB is an actress in Indian TV Drama Naagin 4. She also participates in the other Indian TV Show Khatroon K Khiladi. Is said without any official level documentation.

There is no any written stamped proof about this news… I have read about it without confirmation that she was medically unfit for the Khatroon Khiladi But she made a challenge thing about it.

  • Nishaant Singh Malkaani

NSM is that actor in Indian TV Dramas. One of is most famous darama/show Gudden Tumsy Na Ho Payegaa.

  • Neha Sharma

Bollywood actress Neha Sharma who joined the Bigg Boss 13 music video, Sidhart Shukla will also participate the show who will enter in to the Bigg Boss 14 House.



  • Ejaz Khan
  • Pavitra Ponia
  • Naina Singh
  • Kumar Janu

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